Our Services



Relaxation - $65.00

60 minutes of complete relaxation to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul

Detox Scrub and Full Body Wrap - $125.00

Infrared sauna, body scrub, detoxifying clay wrap and massage

Deep Tissue - $75.00

70 minute deep tissue massage to soothe and repair tired, aching muscles

Spa Facial - $50.00

Scrub, detoxifying clay mask, massage
Add paraffin wax treatment - $15.00
This treatment provides a deep clean for pores, brightens the complexion by increasing circulation and acts as a wrinkle reducer.

Raindrop Therapy - $85.00

90 minute treatment to re-connect, re-balance, alleviate swelling, inflammation and pain in the body

Queen for a Day - $250.00

Infrared sauna, body scrub and wrap, facial, massage, full manicure and pedicure

Hot Stone Reflexology - $50.00

45 minutes. The benefits of this treatment includes promoting muscle and tissue relaxation, alieviating stress, releases toxins, relieves pain, improves circulation and clams the mind, body and soul.  

Princess for a Day - $140.00

Infrared sauna, hot stone massage, mini mani and mini pedi

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy - $120.00

90 minutes therapuetic treatment to align, restore and turn the body's chakras, thus centering and opening the body to goodness, better health and circulation.

Dynamic Cupping Massage - $70.00

A combination of two ancient techniques used to alleviate the body of pain associated with congestion and breaks down scar tissue.

King for a Day - $100.00

Infrared sauna, full relaxation or deep tissue massage, hot towel facial, optional manicure and/or pedicure


Dreamlash ©Synthetics - $85.00

Dreamlash ©Silk Minks - $150.00

Prenatal Massage- $60.00

A relaxing massage for the expectant mother to help relieve the body’s stress of carrying baby

Dreamlash© Fills

Synthetic - $45.00   Minks - $80.00

Infant Massage - $35.00

A 45 minute massage for your 6 week old baby. Baby’s first massage introduces methods for Mum and Dad to use to soothe baby, when encountering sleep, teething, colic and digestion concerns. Also learn some easy stretching techniques to promote baby’s healthy growth.
Dreamlash© is a simple, yet luxurious system of semi-permanent, synthetic lash extensions.
Dreamlash© lashes are soft, natural-looking, lightweight, and gentle and stay curled - forever!
Dreamlashes© are also tapered perfectly so they adhere to the natural lash in a way that ensures they stay put for the longest time possible. Available in a variety of sizes, thickness and curl level, you can be sure you are getting the best, most customized look for you.


Mini Mani - $35.00

A quick manicure with the maximum effects. Maintenance and then color from the Zoya line.

Full Manicure - $50.00

Full maintenance, hand massage, paraffin soak, topped off with a splash of color from the Zoya line!

20% Senior Discount Rate Available

24 hour Cancellation Policy in Effect

Expired Gift Certificate - Add 15%

Our services are recognized by many of the health benefit programs in the Elk Valley. Please contact your Health Benefit provider for more details and to inquire about your eligibilty regarding claiming your treatment cost.


The Mini Pedi - $50.00

Soak your feet in a rejuvenating sea salt bath, a quick maintenance, fabulous color and you're off!

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The Full Pedicure - $60.00

A relaxing, revitalizing sea salt soak, full maintenance, foot and leg scrub, moisturizing massage, paraffin soak to replenish lost moisture, followed by a bright splash of Zoya color.
"Gelish" Color - $15.00
Add Fire & Ice to Full Pedicure for $15.00
Heat up the muscles and ligaments in the feet and calf to rejuvenate the body. Ice Gel is applied to cool off and provide and invigorating boost to fabulous feeling feet!


Plantar Fasciitis Care - $45.00

Foot care treatment for plantar fasciitis serves to relieve inflammation and pain in the heel. Improve strength and flexibility, break down scar tissue and relieve stress of the plantar fascia ligament.