Our Services



Relaxation - $65.00

60 minutes of complete relaxation to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul

Dreamlash ©Synthetics - $85.00

Dreamlash ©Silk Minks - $150.00

Dreamlash© Fills

Synthetic - $45.00   

Minks - $80.00

Deep Tissue - $75.00

70 minute deep tissue massage to soothe and repair tired, aching muscles

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy - $120.00

90 minutes therapeutic treatment to align, restore and turn the body's chakras, thus centering and opening the body to goodness, better health and better circulation. 
Dreamlash© is a simple, yet luxurious system of semi-permanent, synthetic lash extensions.
Dreamlash© lashes are soft, natural-looking, lightweight, and gentle and stay curled - forever!
Dreamlashes© are also tapered perfectly so they adhere to the natural lash in a way that ensures they stay put for the longest time possible. Available in a variety of sizes, thickness and curl level, you can be sure you are getting the best, most customized look for you.

You will be comfortably lying down with your eyes closed during the procedure. The application of "lash by lash" using adhesive that is exclusively reserved for lash extenstions can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on preferences and the individual.

Dynamic Cupping Massage - $70.00

A combination of two ancient techniques used to help alleviate the body of pain associated with congestion and break down scar tissue.

20% Senior Discount on massage services.

Our services are recognized by many of the health benefit programs in the Elk Valley. Please contact your Health Benefit provider for more details and to inquire about your eligibility regarding claiming your treatment cost.